KM Carpet Cleaning

Wouldn't it be great if everything stayed looking like new?

It may seem impossible, but the experts at KM Carpet Cleaning offer a solution to prolong the life and appearance of your carpet and upholstery, maintaining that like-new condition.

Since 1990, KM Carpet Cleaning has been the expert name that those in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions turn to when they’re looking for a professional team that gets the job done right. You have invested a lot of money into your carpets and home furnishings, and that’s why we take our job so seriously. We want to help you restore, protect, and maintain your fabrics so that you can get the most out of your investment while enjoying a beautiful, clean home.
KM Carpet Cleaning, Ontario, Woodbridge
Pet Stain Removal
KM Carpet Cleaning, Ontario, Woodbridge
KM Carpet Cleaning, Ontario, Woodbridge
Complete Carpet Cleaning
The Most Powerful Cleaners Available

We offer the most powerful cleaners available.

We use a truck mounted machine equipped with the most powerful cleaners that are tough enough to eliminate stains, but gentle enough that it won’t cause harm to fabrics. Our environmentally friendly cleaner and equipment ensures that your home will be cleaned without any harmful chemicals.

From pet stain removal to complete carpet cleaning, KM Carpet Cleaning is the trusted team who can help restore your carpets and furniture.

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